How can this be non-alcoholic if there's wine in it?

The alcohol cooks out during the jelly making process.

Does it really taste like wine?

You betcha it does! The Signature Series flavors have the most wine flavor. The "spicy" flavors are more spice than wine-flavored.

Do you make this yourself?

Yes! 1999 is the first year that I have actually had serious help in the kitchen, but I did indeed cook every batch of jelly that we have sold.

How come it's so liquid?

Have you ever heard this phrase... "Must be jelly cause jam don't shake like that?" It's JELLY. It's supposed to shake. You know, like Santa Claus' belly. Besides, if you look closely you will see that the jelly keeps its shape when it peels away from the glass. Trust me. It's solid.

Yeah, but this really looks liquid.

It's true. The "pepper" flavors might still be in the "setting up" stage. They take anywhere from 2 days to 2 months to solidify. Since we don't cook thousands of cases of jelly at a time, occasionally the jelly hasn't had a chance to set up completely.

Should I refrigerate this to make it harden?

Refrigeration is NOT the way to go. Patience will do it. Store our jellies in the proverbial cool, dry place and give it a little time.

What's your favorite?

Syrah and the Cranberry Chardonnay. Does that make you want to buy one case or two? And yes, we do wholesale.

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